Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

The students began their day in art.  Today they are bringing home two projects--a winter scene and a clay pot!!  The children are very excited to share their work with you!

When they returned to class we began our math rotations. 

The teacher led group focused on using the CUBES strategy to solve multi step word problems.  In all groups we solved the first problem together.  Then the students worked with a partner or two to solve an additional problem and share it with the group.

During guided practice the students played Multiplication War to practice the basic multiplication facts. 

The students visited this Internet site to solve word problems and then view a video explaining how to solve it.

There is a worksheet, similar to the one we did in small group, for HOMEWORK.

After math, I had to attend a meeting.  The teacher who stepped in began meeting with students to ensure they could clearly explain both sides of their issue.  I continued this process when I returned to class.

During that time the students worked independently on the following tasks.  First, they continued researching both sides of their issue. Next, they watched a video discussing natural resources and categorizing them as renewable, non renewable or inexhaustible.  Finally, the students read or watched a myth and completed a capture sheet identifying characteristics of myths.

Following lunch and outdoor recess I continued meeting with students to discuss their inquiry topics.

Unfortunately, this took all afternoon.  Therefore, I did not get to reading groups.  Reading groups will be met with tomorrow.

We ended the day working on our habitat illustrations depicting how a living organism gets its basic needs from its environment.

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