Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Welcome Back...It's Been a While!

Wow!  It has been 6 days since I last saw your kiddos!!

With a two hour delay and our class Valentine's Day parties,today will not follow our regular schedule.  Nevertheless, it's so good to be back in action!!

Before lunch we had our math rotations.

The teacher lesson focused on identifying and labeling fractions greater than one on a number line.  During guided practice the students worked on a chart naming and showing (using whole models and a number line) fractions greater than one.  Finally, during the technology rotation the children visited an Internet site called Fraction Flags.

For HOMEWORK some students need to finish the chart they began during the guided math rotation.  All others should practice their basic facts using Math Fact Cafe or That's a Fact.

Reading HOMEWORK:  The students were told to reread the last assignment for homework this evening.  SO..
Sharks:  Reread ch. 6
Dolphins:  Reread the entire book and practice word bag cards.
Cheetahs:  Reread ch. 9
Pandas:  Reread ch. 9

Following lunch we used a Power Point presentation to get an overview of the quarter 3 inquiry project.  In short, each child will write an illustrate their own realistic fiction picture book.  After getting the big picture, we watched, and discussed, some author interviews, focusing on how they get their ideas and their own personal writing process.

Finally, the students got a chance to celebrate Valentine's day with a party that included exchanging valentines, yummy snacks, a game and some crafts.

Thanks to all of the wonderful parents who helped make this a fun event!

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