Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hump Day

Ahhh...back to routine!!!!

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day party.  A HUGE thank you to all of the parents involved with planning such a great event!!

This morning we started our day with our weekly class meeting.  Prior to the group share I showed the class this video clip from Meet the Robinsons.  Then, each student had a chance to share their thoughts/reactions to the film segment.  After that, we shared compliments and thank yous.  Finally, we turned our attention to challenges.

Our challenge section focused on our personal academic goals.  The students gave me feedback regarding their struggles/frustrations.  Some of my take aways included finding more time for the children to work towards their goals and providing quicker feedback.  The children suggested giving them more control, such as checking their own work with answers keys I provide or testing each other on their spelling words.  It was very refreshing and liberating to hear the children ask for more control over their destiny!!!

After our class meeting we jumped into our math rotations.  I had planned to meet with all 3 groups but that didn't happen.  Instead I worked with a group of students on an assessment task for next year's 4/5 compacted math class.  This task, called Fraction Train, has domino-like cards using numerical, area model and number line representations of fractional parts and mixed numbers.  The students need to arrange the cards so that each piece connects with a like representation.

The other two groups rotated between  a Learn Zillion lesson using an area model to identify fractions on a number line and a hands on activity where they drew a line 6 inches long, rolled a die and then partitioned the line according to the number rolled on the die.  After that, they labeled the number lines.  As an extension, students were encouraged to roll two dice or extend the number line to include 2 or 3 wholes instead of just one.

For HOMEWORK the children have a worksheet reviewing measuring to the nearest half inch.

Today, during the reading and writing block, the students worked on independent reading group assignments.  After that, they watched a lesson, taught by me and captured on Educreations, about drafting the concluding paragraph for the character analysis.  I suggested viewing it more than once. After watching the lesson, the students were to draft their own concluding paragraph.  If they finished these tasks, they were to read realistic fiction books and work on their personal academic goals.

Meanwhile, I met with small groups.

Cheetahs:  Independently the students answered a BCR, in their RRJ, naming a character trait for Dr. Crider and using two specific examples, from the text, to support their idea.  In group we began by identifying the requirements for answering a BCR.  Sentence 1 should answer the question.  Sentences2 & 3 (and possibly more) should use SPECIFIC details/examples from the book to support their answer in sentence 1.  The final sentence should be a conclusion or an, "I think" statement. After that, we focused on their character analysis.  Each student read their first two paragraphs aloud while the group and I provided feedback to help them revise their writing.  For HOMEWORK the children need to read chapter 10 and list unknown words.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued with their independent work while I met with more groups.

Dolphins:  Independently the students reread their book and marked, with sticky notes, the steps needed to turn milk into ice cream.  In group we reviewed the steps they had marked.  This was quite a challenge for the group.  So we eventually, remarked the steps, together.  For HOMEWORK the students need to retell an adult (using the sticky notes in the book) the steps for making ice cream.  After that, each child read their first two paragraphs of the character analysis aloud while I provided feedback for revisions.

Pandas:  The children read chapter 10 and completed vocabulary entries, in their RRJ, for proposed and sentinels.  They also prepared to discuss the surprise at the end of the chapter.  IN group we discussed the surprise. For HOMEWORK the students need to read chapter 11 and think about the mood.

Sharks:  The children reread chapter 6 and marked places is the book, with a sticky note, that showed Anna's thoughts (T) and feelings (F).  In group we shared these as we discussed the chapter.  For HOMEWORK the children need to read chapter 7 and list unknown words.

We ended the day by identifying objects that produce heat through electricity.  Then we read about heat energy.  The big take aways---heat moves from an object that is hot to an object that is cold and heat is the movement of energy.

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