Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Madness...

No...just kidding!  However, this week is a bit wacky!

Just a warning...I will be at a meeting this afternoon and then at another meeting/training all day tomorrow.  There will NOT be a blog post tomorrow and today's may lack some details. 

This morning the students began their day in the computer lab, with Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Dodson, participating in the Hour of Code.  Read about it here!

When they returned to class we began math rotations.

The students played a basic fact Clip and Cover game, with me, and discussed which products were easier and which were more difficult to calculate.

During guided practice the children wrote their name in block letters, on centimeter grid paper, and calculated the area of each letter.  They discussed which letters needed to be partitioned, as well as, which letters were more difficult to draw.

Finally, during the tech rotation, students visited Fridge Magnet Math and discussed which products and quotients were easier and harder to identify.

We began our reading and writing block with me modeling writing the third paragraph of the inquiry project, the paragraph about the tool at the present.  I captured this lesson on Educreations for students to review as needed.

The students worked on reading group assignments and the inquiry project during indepepdent work time.  Additionally, some students read about making ice cream.

Students learned about the Savannah region during social studeis at the end of the day.  They viewed photographs and watch a video, during which, they took notes about modifications and adaptations on the worksheet they used for the desert region.

As I mentioned earlier in the post, I was at a meeting all afternoon.  All reading groups were met with and have homework in their planner.

There will NOT be a blog post tomorrow.

I apologize for any confusion or frustration.

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