Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Back to Normalcy...maybe?

I feel the need to make it clear---I HATE being out of the is a necessary evil, though!

I am back and do not have any more meetings or trainings in the near future!  :-)

This morning we began with our weekly class meeting.  First, the students drew a picture of their brain and wrote what they know about it.  This became our group share during the class meeting.  After the students shared I discussed the common themes I had hear--the brain helps us think and the brain controls our bodies.  I explained that our brains have neurons which get stronger when they are used and weaker when they aren't.

Additionally, I mentioned BRIEFLY, that I wanted each student to begin thinking about a goal they want to accomplish in math and one in reading/writing.

After that we shared compliments--and there weren't many.  :(

Next we moved on to our math rotations.  When working with me, students used the c, u and b from the cubes strategy to understand word problems.  Then they matched word problems to numbers lines.  For HOMEWORK, all students will write an equation, using a variable and solve for the unknown.  This will be done in their math journal.

During guided practice the students worked on a POW (problem of the week) with Mrs. Benson.

Finally, during the technology rotation the children worked towards the memorization of their basic facts using That's a Fact, a web site that can be found on the third grade web site.

The remainder of the morning and afternoon was spent working on the inquiry project.  It doesn't make for a good blog entry, but I worked with individuals and small groups of students.  Some students were asked to identify, by highlighting or circling, information needed in each paragraph.  When they identified missing information they would revisit their research.  They were also coached to include various components or even remove facts or explanations from different sections.  Other students practiced reciting information to me, converting it into sentences and then writing them with the use of a word bank.

We spent hours working on this all day and will continue tomorrow.

We were supposed to make ice cream today but did not get to it due to an issue in the classroom.  We will get to that tomorrow.

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