Thursday, December 19, 2013

Almost there...

Two more days...we can do it!!!! 

The children are definitely in the holiday spirit and ready for a break!  However, we will persevere and get through....only two more days, right?

Today, being our flip flop day, we began with math.

The focus was identifying which operation to use, addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, to solve a one step word problem.  Students used the CUBES strategy to math the correct equation to its word problem during guided practice.

During technology most students completed the multiplication jigsaw puzzle independently.  Some, however, worked on it as part of  the UCARE assessment to determine appropriate placement for the compacted 4-5 math class next year.

As a holiday gift to all, there is NO homework tonight and NO quiz tomorrow!

During the reading and writing block the students continued working on the inquiry project.  I worked with individuals and small groups of students.  There was a lot going on...most were writing their rough drafts of the second and third paragraphs.  Some began publishing those three paragraphs. 

We ended the day by making ice cream!  Check out the two pictures I tweeted!

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