Friday, December 20, 2013


We made it!!!  Winter Break is just a few hours away!!!

Our day began with a wonderful, annual treat--a short concert performed by the Damascus HS marching band.  I look forward to this each year!

After that we returned to class and began our math rotations.

Students working with me acted out word problems to determine which operation was illustrated in each.

During guided practice students worked in pairs to rewrite division equations as multiplication equations and solve for the unknown.  While doing so they were to discuss what they knew, what was unknown and how they knew their solution was correct.

Finally, students worked on basic facts using Ken Ken or That's a Fact at the technology rotation.

After math we spent the rest of the morning and the early afternoon working on the inquiry projects.  We have made a lot of progress!!  But...we are not done.  :-(

The day ended with a wonderful holiday sing-a-long led by Mrs. Thompson, with Mr. McGee accompanying on his guitar.  It was a fun, festive way to begin our break!

Thanks for all of the kid words and gift...I was very spoiled by all of you and truly appreciate it!  I am one lucky teacher!!!

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