Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday--Grandparent's Day

What a treat!!!  Our room was jam packed with grandparent's this morning!!!  WOW!

We kept to our regular schedule so that our visitors could get a glimpse of what school is like today.

Therefore, we began with our weekly class meeting.  First, we shared what we are thankful for.  After that, we exchanged compliments and thank yous.  Finally, we discussed challenges we are experiencing gathering information from the Internet for our inquiry project.

Next we moved into our math rotations.  Students working with me put yesterday's lesson into action.  Given rectangles with squares along one length and one side, the students wrote a multiplication equation, with a variable, and solved it, to identify the area.

At guided practice, the students were given a POW (problem of the week) to solve with partners.

The technology rotation had the students watching a Learn Zillion lesson about calculating the area of a rectangle using the lengths of the sides.  After watching the main lesson, they did the guided practice in their math journal.

At the end of math, it was time for our grandparents, and their grandchildren, to leave. 

That left us with only 11 students!!

So, we scratched our original reading plans and watched a movie about William Bradford and the First Thanksgiving.

Then we went to lunch.  After that, we packed up to go home!  :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Remember to turn in your permission slips and money for next Thursday's field trip to the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

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