Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thrilling Thursday

Today is the day we flip flop math and our special.  So we began the day with math rotations.

When students worked with me they drew representations to solve the equation 28=4 x Z.  We discussed their pictures and identified that they naturally used division to solve a multiplication.  Additionally, we recognized the relationship between multiplication and division and suggested other ways to represent the problem and identify the unknown. 

One of the groups worked on the fourth grade skill of identifying all possible factors of the product!

The technology rotation revisited Times Table Grid, discussing with a partner how to identify the placement of the product on the multiplication chart.

Guided practice had the students working with a partner to draw a representation of a word problem to solve for the unknown and write a division and multiplication equation for each.

There is a worksheet similar to the guided practice activity for homework tonight.  We will have a quiz tomorrow!

After music, I reviewed the guided practice worksheet with the entire class to clarify misconceptions.  I explained that the variable ALWAYS represents the unknown in a problem.  The known information needs to be shown in the equation with a number.  The unknown information should be indicated with a variable.  The position of the variable will change position in multiplication and division equations BUT what it represents stays the same!!

Next we moved on to our reading and writing block.

First, we reviewed the characteristics of narrative poetry.  Then we revisited the planning sheet for the narrative poem we will write.  I explained that I was unhappy with the way it was laid out and, therefore, we would be using a different organizer.  Then I modeled choosing a theme and completing the new planning sheet for the narrative poem.

After that, we revisited the Power Point that explains the quarter 2 inquiry project.  Then the children were put in groups and given their topics.  Actually, they listed first, second and third choices, for topics, earlier in the week.  We just did a little negotiation and finalized groups today.

Next, I explained the difference between an open (lots of answers, good for encouraging research, ex.  How did technology change the way work is done at the office?) and closed (only one answer, ex. What tool is used to send emails?) questions.  Then I modeled using the table of contents from a non-fiction book to create open questions that will guide my research for the quarter 2 inquiry project.

While I met with small groups the students read poetry and located examples of narrative poems.  They also chose a theme and complete the storyboard sequence organize to plan for their narrative poem.  After that, they worked with group members to write open questions for their topic using the table of contents from a book they will be using.

Following lunch and indoor recess, the students began their independent work while I met with groups.

Dolphins:  We practiced reading and writing their focus words.  Then we practiced retelling their book, A Family Tree.  This proved to be a challenge.  So after struggling through, we went back and marked the main events with a sticky note.  Then, we retold the story, again.  After that, I provided a template for the students to use as they retold the book, in writing, in the RRJ.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread their book (fluency) and write their focus words 2 times each, in a fun way.

Cheetahs:  We retold chapter 2 using the beginning, middle and end drawings from last night's homework.  The focus was on telling the main events--not the details.  After that, we identified examples of cause and effect from the chapter.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read chapter 3 and list unknown words on a sticky note.

Pandas:  We shared examples of narrative poetry they located in books.  Then we identified and defined unknown words for chapter 2.  After that we discussed the internal conflict which Kyle is facing in chapter 2.  For HOMEWORK the children need to read chapter 3 and list unknown words and questions.

Sharks:  We ran out of time in the morning and afternoon, so we didn't get a chance to meet.  For HOMEWORK they need to reread chapter 2 for fluency.  We WILL meet tomorrow.

We ended the day by determining the difference between telling and tattling.  We read a book called, A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue and evaluated situations to determine whether they were tattling or telling.

Tomorrow is PAJAMA DAY.  Students may wear pajamas to school but must wear appropriate shoes (we have PE) and are not allowed to bring stuffed animals!!

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