Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

The students began their day in art.

When they returned to the room we began our math rotations.  The group working with me used Cuisenaire rods to identify and write multiplication and division equations.  At guided practice, students wrote 2 multiplication and 2 addition equations for each fact family....similar to yesterday! 
:-)  Finally, the students practiced their addition basic facts using the Internet site, It's a Fact.

Tonight, for math homework, I gave the students a choice--they either need to complete a multiplication worksheet or practice the basic addition facts, for at least 10 minutes, using the Internet site, That's a Fact.  Check your child's planner to see their choice!

IN reading we watched a video of a boy reading Casey at the Bat.  This was a different version than the students watched for homework last night.  Afterwards we identified "juicy words" that painted pictures in our head and discussed the need for careful word choice in poetry---since it is written in a concise way.  We also identified the beginning,m middle and end of the poem.

For HOMEWORK the children need to read for 20 minutes--free choice.

After eating lunch the children packed up and went home!

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