Monday, November 18, 2013

Marvelous Monday

The students began their day in the media center with Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Dodson.  There they identified resources, using books and technology, to use in order to gather information for the quarter 2 inquiry project.

When they returned to the classroom we jumped right into math rotations.  During the teacher rotation we identified patterns in the multiples of nine.  For example, all multiples of 9 either add up to 9 or the digits add up to a multiple of 9.  Consider 9x3, the product is 27 and 2+7 =9.  Additionally, do you think 135 is a multiple of 9?  When you add 1+3+5 you get 9 which is a multiple of 9.  So, 135 is a multiple of 9.  I also taught the students a trick using their fingers.

During guided practice students practiced the finger strategy with Bartel and worked on a Problem of the Week with a partner.

Finally, at the technology rotation, the children revisited Times Table Grid and worked on the 9s basic facts.

For HOMEWORK the students are to visit and work on the 9s facts.

We began the reading and writing block by viewing a portion of  Snow White performed by students.  Then we identified and discussed the characteristics of plays.  Some highlights;  performed on a stage, actors/actresses use a script, story is told through what characters say and do, and scenery provides hints as to time and place (setting).

After that, I modeled scanning two books on my inquiry topic (work) to develop a list of tools used in the work place.

While I met with reading groups the students will work on reading group assignments, complete the narrative poem, finish the heat changing observable properties of objects science experiment, and create a list of tools used for their inquiry project topic.

IMPORTANT NOTE for all groups:  I am trying out something new.  ALL groups will get a reading log sheet today.  There are 5 activities on it.  By the end of the week, the children must do FOUR of the 5 activities.  They should read their assigned portion each night and choose 1 activity, on the log, to complete.  The logs are due Friday.  Please email me ( if you have questions or concerns.  I borrowed this idea from another teach and want to see how it goes!

Sharks:  We practice reading and writing some of the tricky words from chapter 4.  Then we retold the beginning, middle and end of chapter 4.  After that we read chapter 5.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread chapter 5 and do 1 activity on their reading log sheet.

Following lunch and outdoor recess (and a fire drill at the end of recess) the students continued working independently while I met with more groups.

Dolphins:  We took a mini quiz on their focus words and then they got a new list, with some old and some new, of focus words.  Then I gave a book talk on their new book, The Maple Thanksgiving.  After that we read up to page 4.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread up to page 4 and do one activity on their reading log.  They also need to write their focus words three times each in their RRJ.

Cheetahs:  The students read chapter 6 and identified the beginning, middle and end in their RRJ.  In group we discussed the chapter's title, "Hana Spills the Beans".  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread chapter 6 and do 1 activity on their reading log.

Pandas:  The students read chapter 6 and identified the beginning, middle and end in their RRJ.  IN group we discussed the chapter.  For HOMEWORK they need to reread chapter 6 and complete 1 activity on their reading log.

WE ended the day by watching a video about how pencils are made.  Then we discussed the observable proprieties of a pencil and identified how and why these properties would change after the pencil has been used for a week.

FIELD TRIP...we will be going to Clarksburg HS on Monday to see their production of Frog and Toad.  Permission slips went home today.  We need them back ASAP.  Please sign the slip and return the bottom portion and $2 tomorrow!

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