Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday....Last FULL Day

Tomorrow may be the last day of this school year, but since it is an early dismissal day, today marks the last FULL day!!

The students began their day in art.

When they returned to class, we finished sharing their favorite books.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures...bad teacher!  LOL!!!  Each student will be given a list of books shared by their classmates but you can also access the list online HERE.

After that, the students worked in their small groups to finish their third grade newsletters.  Then they worked in their math groups and completed the graphing activity.

Following lunch and recess the entire school participated in "Step Up Day".  Each grade level met with the teachers of the grade they will be in next school year.  So, our class visited with Mrs. Moxley and Mrs. Kramer and I met with the entire second grade.

At the end of the day we began cleaning out desks and continued reading David's Adventures at the Chicago World's Fair.

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