Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

Today has been a fun-filled, exciting day!

As usual, the students began the day in PE, with Mr. Lee.

When they returned, I had a surprise for them.  A former student of mine, whom I taught when she was a second grader at Beverly Farms ES, came by to visit.  She is now a 21 year old graduate with a BS in elementary education!!  The children had a chance to ask her questions and give her advice.

Then, the class began sharing their favorite books with each other. We listened to students read for the rest of the morning, except for the brief fire drill right before lunch!  :-)  Below are some pictures from our morning!

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students got into their production groups and followed the plans they developed to create goods to donate to the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology Unit.
One group made puppets.  Another create "super hero" lollipops.  How creative !?!?!

"Cup man" was the creative genius of  our third group.  The fourth group made crowns that will be filled with a sweet treat!

Some groups implemented specialization into the production of their goods, while others chose to have group members construct an entire product on their own.  All in all, the groups worked well and followed their plans!

Tomorrow we will complete our newsletters (fingers and toes crossed!) and our graphing activity!

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