Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

The students began their day in PE.

When they returned to class, I shared a reading homework assignment that is due NEXT Tuesday, June 11.  Students will bring home an explanation of the activity this evening.  In short, each student is expected to bring in their favorite book to share with the class.  If it is a picture book, they will read the entire book, if it is a chapter book they should choose a chapter or section they want to read.  As each child shares their book, I will compile a list of the books and authors to pass out to the class.

Next, we discussed the third grade newsletters.  I answered a few questions.  Then the students met with their groups to continue the publishing process.  Today, the groups continued with the word processing and began creating illustration using Pixie and taking photographs using the iPad cameras, to import into their newsletters.  Mrs. Benson and I helped groups with this process.

Here are some photos of the students working.  Enjoy!!

 Next, Mrs. Howard visited to do another lesson in her career unit.  Today, the students chose a career and began creating a Key Note presentation using the information they have learned about it in her lessons.  They will finish these next week.

Following lunch and recess, the students were randomly put into groups.  They will work in these groups to create electronic RRJs, using the Ipad, as we read and comprehend the novel, David's Adventures at the Chicago World's Fair by Linda Sibley.  Today they worked on their first two pages; a title page and a page for chapter 1, introducing the main characters and the main idea (they will travel, in grandfather's time machine, to the 1893 Chicago World's Fair).

Finally, we read chapter 2 and discussed the problem (David's family is "colored" and in 1893 they weren't treated fairly, so they couldn't find a hotel room).

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