Friday, February 1, 2013


The students began their day in music.

When they returned to class we spent time discussing the expectations for turning in assignments using Edmodo.  Right now, my focus is on the process and the actual assignment.  Therefore, I am not being too critical of the children's actual answers.  However, shortly, I will be expecting responses to be complete, well written, using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

After that, we recounted the events in Anna, Grandpa and the Big Storm and discussed how Anna's actions led to the events in the story.  We identified how certain changes (for example, Anna and Grandpa walking the entire way to school, instead of taking the El train) would have created a different story.

Finally, we revisited the sample character analysis for Brave Irene and identified the components of the introductory paragraph.  We realized that this paragraph needed to state an opinion about a character trait for the main character and then explain the problem in the story.

While I met with small groups the students wrote their introductory paragraphs and completed unfinished work from the week.  When they were finished they visited Edmodo, explored the new apps that had been downloaded and wrote a message to me sharing their experiences.

Sharks:  We met and revised their introductory paragraphs.  Overall, though, they were on target prior to our session!  :-)

We began math by doing a very cool lesson that I borrowed from Mr. Vogel.  Each student was given an index card which represented one whole.  In their math journal they traced a line the length of the index card and labeled one end 0 and the other 1.  Then they folded the card (the whole) in half and put that point on their number line, labeling it 1/2.  Then we drew a second line, to represent a whole, folded the index card into fourths and labeled those parts on the new line.  Finally, we folded the card in half and marked the half on the line showing fourths.  We were clearly able to see that 2/4=1/2.

After our lesson, we took our weekly quiz.  The quizzes have been scored.  Students should put these in the math section of their binder.  Please be sure to review your child's progress!

Following lunch and indoor recess, the students continued working independently and I met with more groups.

Cheetahs:  We met and reviewed their introductory paragraph.  Most of the group had not followed the expectations that had been discussed and outlined on the board.  SO, I provided verbal feedback, reviewed the expectations, again, and sent them back to their seats to make revisions.  Then Mrs. Benson, worked with individuals to ensure they were meeting the requirements.

Yellow Jackets:  We met and reviewed their introductory paragraph.  Two of the students had great examples, so we spent time focusing on their writing.  One of the two had followed my instructions to a T and used the model paper as a basis for their own.  So, we discussed how it was actually easy for her to write her piece since she kept referring to the model.  Those who didn't meet the expectations received feedback and revised their writing.

Snakes:  We met and reviewed their introductory paragraph.  I gave the students feedback and they made revisions.

We ended the day be defining culture and beginning to read about the Aztec culture.

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