Thursday, February 28, 2013

Interim Report Thursday

Please check your child's home folder for their interim progress report.  These are your to keep!

Today was a hectic (but productive) day!!! 

Hopefully, this blog post will make sense...but my brain is drained at this point!

The students began their day by welcoming back a friendly face!!!  I'm sure your child can fill you in.

Then they went to art.

After returning to the classroom, we read a realistic fiction book called A Day's Work by Eve Bunting.  We spend time exploring how the author set up the situation and introduced the problem.  We also discussed what the author may have had to research before being able to write the book.  Finally, we identified the theme of the book.

After that, we discussed needing to have a theme in mind as they write their rough drafts for their realistic fiction books.

While I worked with individual students, the children completed their story maps, identified a theme and began writing their rough draft, setting up the situation, and introducing the problem.

I met with several students helping with revisions to their story amps and finding information to help them write a realistic story.

In math we reviewed equivalent fractions and I introduced a wonderful equivalent fraction web site.  Then we split into group of students worked independently to explore the just mentioned web site and check last night's homework using it.  Another group worked with Mrs. Head to practice partitioning grids into equal groups and naming fractions for shaded and unshaded parts.  They also practiced drawing pictures to help identify equivalent fractions.  The group that was stuck (LOL) with me, worked on a fraction train where they matched equivalent fractions shown in various ways (number lines, pictures and with numbers).  They then had to use correct vocabulary to orally explain to me why the different representations of the fractions and mixed numbers were indeed matches.  This assessment will not affect their report card but will be used to determine placement for math next year.  This will not be the only tool used.  Not all students took part because there were indicators used (provided by MCPS) that helped identify whom should take part.

Boy, that was long...

Tonight, for homework, the children need to complete the second part of last night's worksheet.  If they are stuck, they should view the educreations lesson here.  They can also use the web site mentioned in the above paragraph.  There will be a quiz tomorrow!

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued working on their realistic fiction picture book with both Mrs. Benson, and myself, helping individuals along the way.  WE were busy!!!!

We ended the day by going back to the equivalent fraction web site because students were frustrated when they used it independently during math.

Remember, MSA starts MONDAY!

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