Monday, February 11, 2013

MSA practice Monday

This morning we began our day with a class meeting. This was the first chance we have had in weeks to do so. Our group share gave students a chance to share something exciting that has happened to them recently. Some students really struggled with this. :-( We also discussed the need to follow first time directions and to demonstrate respect for everyone--students AND teachers!

After our class meeting, we reviewed the Black American Inventor research piece that we will be working on today. After showing the class the organizer we will use to capture our research, I modeled completing it using Elijah McCoy.

Then the students worked in their small groups to read about their inventor, using sites from our blog, and listing their findings on their graphic organizer.

After making sure the groups were settled, I began meeting with reading groups.

Sharks:  I collected their last book and handed out a new boo called Iceberg Rescue.  After reviewing important vocabulary such as, upright, glacier and iceberg, I gave a book talk.  Then we read and discussed pages 3-7.  For homework, the children need to reread pages 3-7 and identify the topic of the book on a sticky note.

Before lunch and recess we had our final MSA practice session.  This time the focus was the reading portion.  Today the students completed the practice test.  We will review it tomorrow and both the math and reading practice test will be coming home at the end of this week.

After enjoying lunch and outdoor recess the students completed researching their Black American Inventor while I met with more groups.

Cheetahs:  I collected their old books and passed out a new book, Tall Tales.  We discussed the ideas of a tall tale and exaggeration.  Then we read and discussed the first two chapters.  For homework, the children need to reread chapters 1 and 2.  In their RRJ they need to explain what was Phillip's problem and whether or not they think he will change, and why.

Yellow Jackets:  I collected their book and showed them their next novel, Journey by Patricia MacLachlan.  Then I read a biography, about the author, to the group.  For homework they need to write a definition (using an online or hard copy dictionary) and use the word in a good sentence, in the vocabulary section of their RRJ, for the following words; unearthing, blunt and dismayed.

Snakes:  Due to a scheduling conflict, we did not meet.  They will receive a new book tomorrow!

We ended the day by viewing diagrams of Edison's light bulb and a modern day light bulb.  WE made predictions about how they produce light and then we watched a short video lip demonstrating how it works.  Finally, we discussed the video and agreed that we were all surprised regarding the simplicity of how a light bulb produces light.

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