Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hump Day

Ahhh...we are halfway through a week with few interruptions to our schedule!  YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The children began their day in the media center with Mrs. Rose.

When they returned to class we reread the last paragraph in chapter 2 of Lily and Miss Liberty and then made predictions as to what Lily was going to do next.  After that we read chapter 3 and analyzed our predictions.  We realized that the prediction made based upon Lily's character trait of determined was the one which was most accurate!

Next we revisited the model character analysis paper and identified the purpose of the concluding paragraph.  The children immediately noticed that this paragraph restated the author's opinion (the character trait).  Then I pointed out that the author also mentioned how the trait solved the problem and then theme of the story.  We briefly discussed these aspects of all four reading group's books.

Then the students worked, in dependently, on their concluding paragraphs and a follow up worksheet for chapter 3 of Lily and Miss Liberty.  When they finished they worked on any unfinished work and their independent research projects.

Instead of meeting with a reading group, I met with students who have been absent this week and helped them write and revise their first two paragraphs for the character analysis.

In math I reviewed, and captured using Educreations, the lesson using an index card to symbolize a whole and folding it to create halves, fourths and eighths.  I used the creases, created by the folding, to label the halves, fourths and eights on the number line. 

Independently, the children used an index card to identify thirds and sixths.  Then they drew a number line and labeled these fractions on the line.  They also identified equivalent fractions.  Mrs. Head circulated to help students who were struggling.  I met with a small group to identify and name fractions on a number line.

FOR HOMEWORK:  The children need to watch the Thirds and Sixths HW lesson on Educreations.  Then they need to draw the number line that is in the lesson, in their math journals, and label all points on the number line using thirds.

Following lunch and recess Mrs. Howard visited to do a lesson about being healthy. 

After that, we finished reading a story from the Aztec culture and discussed what we could infer about the culture from the story.  War, music, dancing, art and honoring the Gods are very important in the culture.  Then we read a book about the history of Mexico that supported the inferences we had made from the story.

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