Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday - halfway there!

After visiting the media center, the children returned to class ready to get to work on their tech tool research project.  First, we evaluated the fourth and final paragraph in the Heating and Cooling mentor paper.  Then, I modeled using that paper as a guide to write my final paragraph for my piece about football helmets.  After that, I wrote an outline on the board stating the expectations for each of the four paragraphs.  This did not contain new information, but was a different way to convey what they have been told and shown in the past.  Finally, the children worked independently on their assignment.

The students are at various places within the project.  Some are gathering more information, some are still drafting their rough draft, some are revising and pothers are publishing their final copy on the lap tops.  Our goal is to have these completed by Friday, before Winter Break.  Therefore, I have been working with individual students instead of meeting with reading groups.

In math, we reviewed how to calculate the area of a rectilinear figure and Mrs. Head showed us a strategy using cubes.  Then we identified how to calculate the area of torn figures.  There is a homework worksheet to practice this skill.

Following lunch and outdoor recess we continued working on the tech tool research project.  I spent my time working one-on-one with students who needed help.  The others spent there time researching, writing and publishing.  We will continue tomorrow....fingers crossed, they will all be done before Winter Break!

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