Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

The students began their day in PE.  While they were gone, I began reviewing the rough drafts, for the first three sections of the tech tool writing piece, of the students who thought they were done.  I discovered that the third section, the paragraph of the tech tool as it is in the present, was not what I had anticipated.  This led me to check through the research links, in preparation for conferencing with these students after PE. 

I discovered that deciding which information was the most current and being able to decipher what the articles were saying was quite challenging.  Therefore, when the children got back from PE, I taught them how to skim and scan for key words (such as modern), in order to identify the correct information for the third paragraph.

The rest of the reading and writing block involved students reading about their tools to gain more information and then writing  and revising their first three paragraphs.  I worked with individuals, as needed, to help locate information, revise sentence structure, reorganize their facts within their writing, etc., etc.

At the end of  the block, I felt we had made some progress.  I also decided that after writing their rough drafts, all revisions would be done on the lap tops...to help reduce frustration and speed up the overall process.

Therefore, over the next three days, our primary focus will be completing (fingers crossed) this written component of the tech tool research project.

In math the students completed their presentations which they started yesterday.  Then some groups shared them.

Following lunch and recess we visited Mr. Vogel's to discuss the expectations that are involved with the privilege of iPad use.  Then Mr. Vogel shared different gaming systems from the past, including Atari, Nintendo 64 and Play Station.  He identified the changes that were made and explained the human wants that caused the improvements.

We ended the day with a FABULOUS assembly.  We were treated to a scientific skateboard show called Wondergy.  The presenters were very engaging and explained the science behind helmets and certain skateboard tricks.  It was really well done!

Unfortunately, we ran out of time for me to assign homework...so tonight is homework free!  Sorry about that!  :-)

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