Thursday, December 20, 2012


The children began their day in art.  When they returned to the classroom, I modeled using the mentor paper, Heating and Cooling, to  guide their writing.  Then the students continued writing, revising and publishing their writing.  I continued working one-on-one with students who needed help.

In math we reviewed calculating the area of rectilinear figures.  You can view a lesson here.  Then the students worked in small groups to calculate the area of a rectilinear figure and show their thinking using the iPad app, Penultimate.  We will share these tomorrow, in class.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, the students continued working on their research paper.  Many of them finished it, too!!  WOO HOO!!

I attempted to meet with reading groups without disrupting the publishing process.  This proved to be challenging.

Yellow Jackets:  We met and identified the theme of the story as honesty.  We used details from the story to support this, in our discussion.  We will begin a new book after break.

Sharks:  We met and I collected their books.  They will begin a a new book after break.

Cheetahs:  We met and read and discussed the last 3 chapters of the book.  Our discussions involved identifying examples of cause and effect and finding sentences in the text that supported our thoughts.

Snakes:  Individual students met with me and practiced reading their books.

While this blog post looks short, we did get a lot accomplished today!  There is no homework!

We will return to a regular routine following Winter Break!!

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