Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hump Day

Well, we are half way through our week and halfway through our research for the tech tools project!

The children began their day working with Mrs. Rose in the computer lab.  There they began researching their tech tool in the present.  Some questions and confusion arose.  SO, when we returned to class, I modeled researching my tool, the football helmet, in the present and adding the information to my graphic organizer.  Then we had a question/answer session.

Since the research lesson was fresh in their minds, the children then went straight to independent work.

Independent work included reading groups assignments and continuing their research for their tech tool.

Sharks:  We reviewed last night's homework and then the children read "Getting Around" independently and we discussed how getting around has changed, in group.

Yellow jackets:  The children read chapter 1 and identified the main characters and problem.  Then, in group, we discussed the main characters, the setting and the problem.

In math we used multiplication to calculate the area of a rectangle.  You can view the lesson here (it's not pretty...we had some distractions!  :-) )  While the students worked independently I met with two small groups.  The first reviewed today's lesson.  The second used multiplication to solve a problem of the day.  There is a worksheet, focusing on the 9s multiplication facts, for homework.

After enjoying lunch and outdoor recess, Mrs. Howard visited to do a lesson about responsibility.  Please make sure your child talks to you about the "I Am Responsible" worksheet they received in class and ADD to it!

We ended the day by charting the changeable and non changeable physical properties of a pencil.

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