Monday, December 17, 2012


We began our day with our regular class meeting.  We started with a group share where children completed the statement, "I am lucky because...".  After that, we shared compliments and challenges.  Once again, the research/writing project emerged as a challenge for many students.

So, we began our reading and writing block by reviewing the requirements for each paragraph.  I reminded the students that the first paragraph was brief and should include the topic and how changes have improved it.  The second paragraph needs to state who invented it and when, how it works and what human wants or needs created a need for improvements or changes.  The third paragraph should include the most recent version, who invented it and when, how it works and what makes it better than in the past.  I also created a sign up for students who need one-on-one help from me. 

After that, we reviewed how text features clarify information in non-fiction text.  Then we read an article about the Florida Everglades and noticed how the text features (especially photographs and maps) helped us, as readers, to understand the text.   We also tied in the idea that the changes in the Everglades were brought about by human wants and needs...just like our tech tools...I pointed out that really, humans wants and needs drive changes in our society everyday!

While I meet with individual students and reading groups the children worked on independent reading group assignments and their tech tools research and writing project.

Snakes:  They read pages 8-10 after highlight the -sh and-ing chunks, using highlighting tape.

Sharks:  They wrote a summary of their book, in the RRJ.

Cheetahs:  These students read chapter 2 and explained the title of the chapter using information from it.

Yellow Jackets:  These children read chapter 6 and explained what Seb will be doing on Saturdays from now on.

In math we calculated the area of  rectilinear (real word!) figures by splitting them into rectangles first.  Below is an example of a rectilinear figure!
After working with the class to identify the area of the rectilinear figure above in several different ways, the children worked in groups, using the iPad, to calculate the area of a different rectilinear figure.  We will share these tomorrow, in class. 
There is an area worksheet for homework.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students, working with Mr. Vogel's class, completed a service project for the Damascus Senior Center, as part of Mrs. Howard's guidance lesson.  The reindeer the students made will be given to those at the center as a holiday gift.

Aren't they cute???
We ended the day by learning about the different states of matter (solid, liquid and gas).  We watched a video segment and then visited this cool web site.
Just a quick note...
I appreciate you trusting me with your children each and every day!  I truly love working with each and every one of them!
I did not hear any students discussing Friday's horrendous and horrific events.  I just thought I would mention that, because as a parent myself, I am wondering what my kindergartner's day was like today.
Also, we will be using this week to try to tie up loose ends...I am hoping to finish the writing project...fingers crossed...and reading groups will not receive a new book, once they finish their current one, until we return from Winter Break.
As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, at

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