Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

This morning we honored Veterans with a flag raising ceremony which included members of the Damascus American Legion. AS always, this proved to be a special ceremony!

I have enjoyed speaking with so many of you this week. Many parents have asked how they can help their children improve their reading comprehension. Here is a link to questions you can ask your child.

This morning , after our Veteran's Day ceremony, we reviewed the spelling packet and took a spelling test. Then, I talked to the class about wanting them to enjoy reading and made some suggestions as to how to find books they might like. Then I told them that I am trying to determine a routine that holds them accountable for the independent reading they do in class. One thought is creating a dialogue journal. Once a week, or so, the students would write to me about what they are reading. I would in turn write back to them. This is a work in progress and has not been established in the classroom yet.

Next up was math we took our first quiz for unit 2. These are scored and will be coming home today. Most students did VERY well!!! After the quiz, the students practiced basic facts using iPads, flashcards or tile math.

Some parents requested math sites to help their students practice basic facts...try this or this.

Following math the students will do a book exchange in the media center. Then they will eat lunch and pack up for our early dismissal.

Have a great weekend!!!

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