Monday, November 7, 2011

Parent Conference Week Begins!

Remember that parent conferences will be taking place all week. Students will have early dismissals on both Thursday and Friday to give teachers extra time for these meetings.

In reading we used an article about milk to practice identifying important details and stating the main idea. The students worked with partners, using an iPad, as they examined the text and noted details to figure out the main idea.

While I meet with reading groups the children will answer 8 multiple choice questions and 1 short answer question (BCR) that go with the article about milk. Additionally, they will use the rule "change the y to an i and add es" to create plural nouns. Finally, they will practice writing P, R, and B in cursive.

Reading Groups:
Lions: I met with this group and reviewed the construction of a great response to the question, "How did Sarah Ida change in The Shoeshine Girl?" We discussed the need for a topic and concluding sentence. Additionally, I showed them how to name their ideas and explain the ideas using support from the text. The entire group will redo their BCRs.

In math we reviewed using conversion tables to solve measurement problems. I then gave an "exit card" with 2 problems so that I could gather data as to the students' understanding. I was able to quickly assess that the majority of the class continued to need help. Therefore, we spent the rest of the class time, working as a whole group, to construct and use conversion tables to solve problems. For homework they need to complete problems 4 and 5 on the worksheet we began in class.

Following music, lunch and recess the students will choose a topic they know a lot about and begin creating a web, in their writing journal, plotting all of the information they know. This will serve as the prewriting piece for their first informational writing assignment.

Reading Groups:
Crabs: They will read and discuss the final section in the Soccer book. They will identify important details to help them arrive at a main idea.

Bears: They will get a new book. They will preview the book, identifying text features and information gained from the text features.

The day will end with a social studies lesson. The students will listen to the book Uncle Ned's Barbershop and begin exploring the idea of choices and opportunity cost.

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