Thursday, November 17, 2011


I will be out of the building tomorrow, so there will not be a blog post. However, I WILL be attending math night tomorrow night. Hope to see some of you there!!

We had a wonderful reading lesson this morning...unfortunately, it took longer than expected and cut my first reading group short. This morning we reviewed the characteristics of a good summary and then discussed what we did to write one yesterday. Next, we read another section in the book In the Deep. We read it a second time and took notes on chart paper. After that, the students worked in groups of 2 or 3 to use the notes and compose a summary of what we read. Finally, we shared some of the summaries and identified what was well done and improvements that could be made. I was SOOOOO excited and impressed with the writing produced by the students.

Today's independent work includes the students taking what they learned from our discussion and writing their own summary, in their RRJs, of what we read in class. They also need to complete their writing rough draft. Additionally, some students still have a verb worksheet and their WOW worksheet to complete...oh, and their were independent reading group assignments!

Crabs: We met and read the section called 2 weeks old. After reading we identified the main idea of the section. Tonight they need to reread 1 day old, 10 days old and 2 weeks old...remember we are working on fluency. They do need to get a parent signature in their planner.

Next up was math! In math we calculated the area and perimeter of rectangles given the measurement of two of the sides. We will have a quiz tomorrow. There is an area and perimeter worksheet for homework tonight.

Following art, lunch and recess the students paired up and read their rough drafts to each other. Then some of the students shared their work out loud and we discussed what they did well and the changes that could be made.

While the students continued their independent work I met with the last two groups.

Bears: We shared their facts from last night's reading and I realized that this text might be a bit of a challenge for them...but a challenge in a good way! I just realized I might need to slow down a bit! So, after sharing our facts, we reread and discussed the section. Tonight they need to read pages 10-17 and list unknown words.

Lions: We shared our answers from last night's homework but ran out of time to share the facts they listed in their RRJs earlier today.

After reading, we started to work on our social studies lesson but the entire class, including myself, was DONE! So, we scrapped the original plan (because, honestly, sometimes you just have to!) and began reading a fantastic book by Patricia Polacco called Junkyard Wonders. Unfortunately, we did not finish it...but we will...

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