Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hump Day

This morning we used the third article, Extreme Life, in our National Geographic to identify text features and the information we gain from them. After going over 5 as a whole group, the students had to find at least four more, and chart them, independently.

Before meeting with reading groups, I took time out to review which assignments each student was missing. I'm not sure what has happened but there are many students missing numerous assignments. This was kind of disappointing!

Reading Groups
Bears: We reviewed their vocabulary entries from yesterday. Then we read the section about beach safety and identified the main idea and supporting details. They were given to additional words to add to their vocabulary section in their RRJ this afternoon.

In math we used the last two problems from homework last night to introduce the concept of perimeter. Then the students completed two activities to practice measuring with a ruler and identifying the perimeter of figures. Those who finished early went to anchor activities, which did include iPads. I have mixed feelings about this...I don't want there to be a reward (electronic device) for completing work quickly, but I hate to not use the iPads to reinforce basic is a catch-22.

I was able to meet with a small group to calculate the sides of a rectangle when given the perimeter. There is a perimeter worksheet for homework.

Before going to lunch and recess, we visited the computer lab. In the lab, the students were able to access a decision tree document, which I created using Kidspiration. We used this document to begin identifying a problem Uncle Jed faced (from our social studies book) and the choices he had to choose between. This was a lesson that integrated both social studies and technology.

After recess, the students shared their writing to inform topic lists from yesterday. Then we discussed brainstorming and prewriting using a web. While I met with reading groups the students chose a topic and created a web in their writing journals. Then they continued with their independent work from the morning.

Reading Groups
Lions: We read the section called How Plats Create Highlands and identified 3 supporting details and the main idea. We had a breakthrough...a student actually asked questions about why my answers were what they were...YES!!!! THIS IS WHAT I WANT!!! I was then able to begin to clarify confusion and I saw students begin to understand how to identify the main idea!!!!

Crabs: The crabs read the section called Who is the best soccer player ever to answer that very question. Then we identified the main idea using the heading to guide us.

We ended the day with a class meeting.

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