Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hump Day

This morning we reviewed the concept of identifying the main idea in text. We talked about using the heading and the topic sentence to figure out the main theme (or idea) that runs throughout the portion of text. Then we returned to the National Geographic article about Spiders and began identifying the main idea in different sections of text.

While I meet with reading groups the students will work on individual reading group assignments, a cause and effect worksheet and a worksheet for our new WOW word, culprit (a guilty person).

Cheetahs: We continued reading Ostriches and identified a cause and effect on page 14. Tonight they need to read pages 12-16 and get a parent signature in their planner.

In math we continued working on converting linear measurements. We practiced converting feet to inches and began converting yards to feet. The students worked independently on measuring in centimeters while I worked with students on converting feet to inches. There is a measurement worksheet for homework.

After math we went to the computer lab and used a software package called Kidspiration to display their knowledge of "goods". The students used stamps from the program to illustrate and name examples of goods as they navigated through a new program.

Following lunch and recess we reviewed the 6 +1 traits of good writing and identified the characteristics of writing a piece using the Ideas trait. Then we began reading a story called The Hickory Chair. WE will use this book to identify "juicy details" in text.

While I met with reading groups the students continued their independent work.
Crabs: This morning they read pages 6-7 in Soccer to identify where soccer started. After sharing this in group, we discussed how King Edward felt about soccer. We talked about how we could figure this out by using the information in the text (he banned soccer for 300 years). Then the students reread pages 6-7 and identified an example of cause and effect from those pages. Tonight they need to read the section called how to play soccer on pages 8-13.

Lions: We discussed why Al gave Sarah Ida the medal and how we think Sarah Ida will act when she returns home. For homework, the group needs to reread The Package, pages 80-84.

Bears: We discussed how Gully saved the day by alerting Aunt Rose to the kids being trapped in the attic. Earlier in the day, the students read chapter 15 and wrote about the dragons that have been conquered in the book. For homework the students need to read chapter 16 and get a parent signature in their binder.

We ended the day with a short class meeting. We gave compliments to one another and discussed the importance of speaking up and asking questions so that the children can get smarter.

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