Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Following our warm up in math, we identified symmetric figures as those that can be split in half to create two congruent figures. Then we went to the computer lab for FASTT math. When we returned to the classroom the students worked independently to identify the lines of symmetry in shapes while I met with two small groups. One group worked on drawing examples of the numerous vocabulary words in their unit. The other worked on solving four digit subtraction problems.n Tonight there is a symmetry worksheet for homework and we WILL have a quiz on Friday!

We began reading by sharing the examples of alliteration that the students wrote during independent work time yesterday. They were EXCELLENT!!!!!! Then we continued our investigation of figurative language by identifying examples of personification in June 29, 1999. Personification is defined as giving human characteristics to inanimate objects...think of "the wind howls" or "the sun greeted us". After that we went to the computer and began working with a program called Type to Learn. This program is used for teaching typing skills to students. I took this time to begin conferencing with students on their state travel brochures.

Following lunch and indoor recess the students worked independently on reading group assignments, the travel brochure and a personification worksheet. I met with reading groups.

Tigers: We practiced writing high frequency words and reread the first part of the book. Then we drew a picture and wrote a sentence about what happened in the first part of the book. Tonight they will repeat this for the middle and end of the story.

Bears: We reviewed unknown words in the text and used context clues to help us arrive at the meaning of new vocabulary words. We then reread and discussed chapter one. For homework the students need to reread the entire book and get a parent signature in their planner.

Lions: We used their homework to discuss things that change, the way they change and arrive at some generalizations about change. For homework the children need to reread chapter 1 and read chapter 2 of Journey.

After reading we had our class picture taken and discussed honesty and trust.

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