Thursday, February 4, 2010

Report Card Day

Your child will be bringing home his/her report card for the second marking period this afternoon. The report card is yours to keep!

In math we reviewed congruency and symmetry. We also practiced using a compass to draw circles with given radii. While the students worked independently, I met with three groups. The first groups practiced drawing examples of various vocabulary words from this unit. The second group focused on solving four digit subtraction problems. The final group identified lines of symmetry in figures. There is a worksheet for homework and we will have a quiz tomorrow.

In reading we discussed similes as comparing two seemingly different things using the word like or as. Examples are, "the lamb's fleece was as white as snow" or "the boy moves like a snail". Then we read the book Crazy as a Fox and identified the meaning of the similes in the book. We also spent time discussing the difference between literal and inferential. Some students are still challenged by figurative language, in that they tend to be literal in their explanation of the words or phrases.

Following music, lunch and indoor recess, in the gym, the students will continue working on their travel brochure rough drafts. They will also practice writing similes. I will meet with reading groups.

Tigers: We practiced writing high frequency words and located words with suffixes in Home At Last. Then we reviewed their homework and discussed the requirements for writing a summary (around 5 sentences, includes main characters names, beg/middle/end, includes problem and solution). Tonight they need to reread the story and write a summary.

Bears: Previewed Home at Last and reviewed unknown words. Began reading the book in group. Tonight they need to read the entire book (Home At Last) and get a parent's signature in their planner.

Lions: They reread chapters 1 and 2 in Journey and wrote about Cat's feelings about her mother in their RRJ. When we met we read the prologue and discussed the many emotions and changes in the book.

We ended the day with Mrs. Howard teaching us about being a good friend.

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