Monday, February 1, 2010

February Already?!?!

It is so hard to believe it is already February first? Where does the time go?

In math we formally began FASTT math, the computerized program aimed at helping students memorize the basic facts. So, after the warm up, we will all go to the computer lab for 15 minutes of FASTT math every day. Then we will return to class for whole group and small group instruction.

Today we identified quadrilaterals (any four sided polygon) and congruent (same size, same shape) figures. While the students worked on independent practice sheets I met with two groups. The first group worked on identifying and drawing examples of vocabulary specific to this unit, such as; parallel lines, octagons, polygons, etc. The second group worked on solving four digit subtraction problems. There are two worksheets for homework this evening.

In reading we began studying figurative language. First we read the book June 29, 1999 by David Weisner. Then I introduced the concept of alliteration (2 or more words that begin with the same consonant sound and are next to each other). After that we identified examples of alliteration from the text. Finally, we practiced writing our own examples of alliteration.

We also discovered our new sword of the week; try very hard.

Following art, lunch and indoor recess the students will continue working on their state travel brochures. They will also create a cartoon for the word strive and practice writing examples of alliteration. I will meet with reading groups.

***Be advised that some students have changed reading groups!!***

Bears: Did not meet as 3/4 students were absent.

Tigers: Practiced writing high frequency words on white boards. Began reading a new book in group. For homework students need to finish reading the book and get a parent signature in their planner.

Lions: Read an informative article about Patricia Maclachlan the author of the novel Journey which we will begin reading this week. For homework the students will make a list of the kids of things that change and what it is about them that changes, in their RRJ. We will use this in group tomorrow.

WE will end the day by reading the Little House and identifying changes in transportation and technology.

Tomorrow is group (class) picture day!

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