Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All Dug Out!!!

It seems like it has been an eternity since we have had routine in our life, doesn't it?!?!?! Well, it was back to routine today...kind of!

We began the day with reading. First, we wrote about our experience with the blizzards and shared our writing with the group. This was a way for us to practice using sensory images in our writing and "catch up" with each other since we have been away for so long.

Next we worked on completing a literature web for a poem called "Perfection". A literature web is a tool used to help students develop a deeper understanding of a piece of literature. Today we noted key words and images that came to our mind.

After that we went to lunch. When we returned, the students worked on reading group activities, a personification worksheet and a vocabulary worksheet for our new word of the week, eerie. I met with groups.

Bears: We reread and discussed Home at Last.

Tigers: Reread Home at Last and revised their summaries. These summaries were turned in to be scored.

Lions: Reread chapter 1 and 2 of Journey and completed a vocabulary web for a chosen word off their novel schedule.

We ended the day with math. After reviewing vocabulary from this unit we began identifying slides, flips and turns of figures. There is a worksheet for homework!

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