Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Pretty great day today!

In math we reviewed capacity and the Metric system prefixes. Then the students practiced using coordinate graphing to create a picture while I met with a small group to work on elapsed time. For homework, everyone needs to finish the coordinate graphing picture.

I have to admit I was concerned about reading...it's getting towards the end of the year and with no assessments left, I was worried that focus would be an issue...no need to worry, though! The children worked well during our reading block today and both groups that I met with had WONDERFUL discussions. I was really pleased.

JGB and W&M: Both read a short story called The Green Man and completed a literature web. This work was done with a partner or independently...their choice!

W&M: I did meet with this group and we reread the last section of Onion Tears and discussed the changes in the characters. We had a wonderful discussion and I told the children that I felt good about this last nine weeks. I feel like this group has thoroughly enjoyed the books they read and maybe, just maybe, I have helped them enjoy reading even more than before.

Charlotte's Web: Read chapters 19 and 20 independently or with a partner. Then reread these chapters with Mrs. Isaacs. In their reading response logs they wrote their reactions to what they read.

Shoeshine Girl: Read The Medal with me and then reread independently or with a partner. In their reading response journal they wrote about a time they won a medal or an award.

After lunch and recess, the entire class made "Gallon Man". They used four sheets of construction paper to create Gallon Man and learn about conversions between cups, pints, quarts and a gallon.

Finally, we reviewed wants/needs and goods/services in regards to economics. We will use these ideas to understand taxes and the services provided by our government using tax money.

On a side note...
I may not get to blog until Friday...I have had back and teeth issues that need to be taken care of...so I will be leaving at lunch tomorrow. Additionally, I will be out all day Thursday for my step son's graduation from Urbana High School. Mrs. Klahre will be here in my place and I am leaving good plans! :-)

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