Monday, June 2, 2008

Magnificent Monday, where was THIS weather on Saturday? What a gorgeous day!

During math we went over the measurement of capacity. Included in the discussion/note taking was an overview of American and Metric units. We discussed that the Metric system is a based ten system. We will touch on this subject, again, every day this week. It is A LOT to understand.

After the instruction, the children practiced coordinate graphing while creating a picture of a duck.

There is an elapsed time worksheet for homework.

In reading we used Comics in the Classroom to learn the difference between interjections (words that display an emotion, such as STOP! NO!) and onomatopoeia (sound words, such as thud, swish, etc.).

Then we went to art, lunch and recess. After recess we read another chapter of Champ and shared morning work journal entries. Then we watched the BMX Bike Show that the children earned from the magazine sale drive earlier this year.

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