Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just Keep Swimming...

Today was SGA Movie Day. In the morning, the primary grades were treated to a movie. The afternoon was for the upper grades. So this afternoon we watched Finding Nemo...I love that movie! It cracks me up...

This morning my math class reviewed what we learned this year by playing Jeopardy. During reading the children continued working on their comics. I am hoping that the majority finish tomorrow, so we can share them before we part for summer!


Timmy Bonvillain said...

Dear Mrs.Holman, 6/15/08
I did't like the game Jeopardy at all.
I loved the movie Finding Nemo so, so, so, so much!!!


Dana Holman said...

Hi Timmy! Thanks for your comment...I am sorry you didn't like Jeopardy but I am glad you liked the movie! I miss you so, so, so much! Love, Mrs. Holman

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