Friday, June 6, 2008


This is the first year I have "blogged" my class. I have truly enjoyed the experience for many reasons. Two reasons that come to mind are the motivation it provided to give 110% each and every day (otherwise, what would I blog about?) and the outlet to share my thinking, views and ideas.

I fully plan to keep blogging! I would appreciate it if some of you...all of you...any of you (?) would share with me your thoughts and feelings...

What was helpful?
What did you enjoy?
What did you wish I would add/provide that I didn't?
How could I better involve students?
How could I make it more interactive? Should I?

One more thing...I do plan to continue blogging this summer...we'll see how it goes. My hope is that by continuing this blog your children will read it and get authentic practice reading! Also, perhaps you could help them add comments or e-mail me directly...this would give them authentic practice with writing.

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