Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday

Ahhhh...this morning we took the unit 3 math portion of the PARCC assessment.  Once again, the children made me so very proud.  I saw each student focused, using their strategies, and solving problems more than once, to check their work.    We only have one more unit to take, and we will do so tomorrow afternoon.

Once again, after testing, the students had a well earned break...they were exhausted.

After going to lunch and outdoor recess, we returned to class to begin our literacy block.  First, we used examples of technical text to arrive at a class definition.  We determined that it was a type of non-fiction text that provides the reader with information to perform a task.  After that, we examined more samples of technical text and identified which text features were present and which were missing.  We discussed how the text features were helpful and how we could improve the text.

Then, it was time for art with Mr. Cosgrove.

After art, over half the class went to the Spring Concert practice with Mr. Gillenwater.  Those left behind worked on researching their Genius Hour questions.


LAST day of PARCC testing is tomorrow beginning at 12:50.  :-)

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