Monday, February 13, 2017

Marvelous Monday

This morning the students completed a graded activity, using resources posted in GC-Science, about wind, clouds and rain.  Then Ms. Snyder visited us to do a lesson about Cyber Bullying, what it is and how to respond to it.

Next we switched for math and took a Go Noodle brain break.  Today's math block centered around an Elementary Mathematics Assessment Task, new this year, that is MCPS mandated.  So, we began by reviewing converting units of time and identifying how to compare measurements of time reported using various units.  After that, the students worked independently on the task.

For HOMEWORK tonight, students should work on their basic fact fluency using Xtra Math, unless they were absent last week.  If so, then they should catch up on the Learn Zillion and Khan Academy lesson, posted in GC - Math, that were assigned last week.

After math, the students enjoyed lunch and indoor recess.

Then we began our literacy block.  Last week our instruction focused on naming character traits, identifying evidence of actions and/or words to support the trait, and then explain how it led to the sequence of events in a myth.

Today, the children used these skills to identify the character they thought was most responsible for starting the Trojan War, using the text, "The Apple of Discord".  Before getting started, though, the class helped me identify a criteria for success list for the activity.

Once they finished that task, they finished their informative paragraph for their extreme weather topic, and the "Wind, Clouds & Rain" task from this morning.

As they worked I pulled a group of students who were absent last week or were struggling with the myth.  Together, we reread, "The Apple of Discord," and identified actions or words that supported whether each character help some responsibility for starting the Trojan War.

We ended the day in the media center with Mrs. Allaire.  In preparation for the third quarter inquiry project, she did a lesson about the different techniques used by advertisers.

HOMEWORK is posted on GC-Holman's Homework.

Tomorrow will be a fun-filled day for students they will enjoy Jump Rope for Heart in PE and then celebrate Valentine's Day with a party in our classroom.

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