Monday, December 5, 2016

Marvelous Monday

This morning, prior to the announcements, the students shared what they did this weekend, in Google Classroom - Class Meeting, and then read the December issue of the school News paper.  Then, after the announcements, we began our social studies lesson.

We began by reviewing the various land use zones.  Then the children continued working on their community maps by identifying area for each zone and then adding details to show exactly what would be in their community.

While the students worked, I met with a reading group.

Pink:  We reviewed words with the -ook pattern.  Then we retold chapters 1, 2, and 3.  Next we previewed chapter 4 and went over some tricky words.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read chapter 4, stopping at the bottom of each page and writing, in their own words, the most important idea/event, from that page, on a sticky note.  We did page 23 together, in class.

Next, we switched for math and took a Go Noodle brain break.

We began math with an error analysis warm up.  Then we began our rotations.

During the small group we learned about converting metric lengths using place value.  During math with a partner some groups reviewed converting metric lengths and others continued calculating the area and perimeter of rooms in their Dream House.  Finally, during the technology rotation, the children watched two Learn Zillion lessons about recognizing and converting metric units, and took notes in their math journals.  Those who finished early used Xtra Math to work on their basic fact fluency.

There are practice problems, linked in Google Classroom - Holman's Homework, for homework.

After math, the students enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

When they returned to class, we began our literacy block.  We had a lost of loose ends to tie u from last week.  So, that is where we began.

First we reviewed prepositions and prepositional phrases.   Then we reviewed the three sample responses for the theme of, "The Race", and discussed what score we would give each. using the criteria for success we developed on Friday.

Next, we reviewed similes and metaphors as tools writers (or poets) use to compare 2 seemingly unrelated things.  After that, we identified and discussed examples of similes and metaphors in the poem, "Cat in Moonlight".  Finally, I modeled how to use a graphic organizer to plan a poem using similes and metaphors.  Then we were treated to a visitor...

Mrs. Allaire came by to introduce our next inquiry project.  This marking period the students will write an informative piece about Clarksburg and then recommend a business that they feel will be successful, based on their research.

Today, Mrs. Allaire shared many of the businesses in Clarksburg and discussed what people would need to know when deciding upon a new business venture.  Then she led the class through an exercise which demonstrated, and had the children practice , locating they needed, using various sites, for their research.

Blue:  We tried to identify and discuss the 3 most important events, in chapter 2, that they had marked with sticky notes.  Some students didn't do the assignment, and others didn't remember what they read.  So, I reassigned chapter 2 for HOMEWORK tonight.

Orange - We attempted to discuss chapters 4 and 5 but the children either didn't do their reading or forgot what they had read.  So, for HOMEWORK, the students need to reread chapter 5 and complete a vocabulary entry for ONE new word, and write a brief summary of chapter 5, on a Google Slide presentation in GC - reading.

Green - I met with the group for about 90 seconds...for HOMEWORK, the students need to reread chapters 4 and 5 and complete a vocabulary entry for ONE new word, and write a brief summary of chapters 4 and 5, on a Google Slide presentation in GC - reading.

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