Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning, for morning work, the children completed a quick  language arts review.  So, after the announcements we went over it.  I discovered that most students either learned something new, or remembered something that they had learned.  With this in mind, I plan to include more of these into our daily routine.

After that, we began our science lesson.  First, I reviewed the ecological levels of organization in an environment, giving examples of each and explaining how each differs from the one just before.  Then the children continued working on their illustration of each level, in their collaborative groups.

Next, we switched for math and took a Go Noodle brain break.  Then we reviewed using partial products and an area model to determine the product of a 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication problem.  After that, the students took a short formative.

The formatives have been graded and returned to students.  Overall they did very well!

After the formative, we did quick math rotations.

During the small group rotation, the students matched factors to products using cards.  Then during math with a partner the children began using the area model to solve 3-digit by  1-digit multiplication problems.  Finally, during the technology rotation, the students watched a Khan Academy lesson about determining the product of a 3-digit by 1-digit multiplication problem and then completed a practice activity.

Next the students enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

When the children returned to class, we began our literacy block.

We briefly discussed which elements of a play help us better understand a character.  For example, the setting doesn't give us any information about how a character is feeling or thinking but the stage directions (telling the character how to say their dialogue or how to move) does give us this type of insight.

While I met with guided reading groups the students completed a vocabulary match focusing on the vocabulary linked to the elements of a play.  Then they continued cleaning up their historical fiction story and working on their illustrations for our class book.  If they had extra time, the completed a WTW practice activity.

Pink:  We practiced reading words with the patterns -ou and sh-.  Then we did a quick word chain activity to practice identifying letter sounds, especially the short vowels.  After that we continued reading the play.  HW:  Practice flashcards and reread pages 26-27.

After the pink group, the students had art with Mrs. VanEch.  Then we continued our literacy block.

Blue:  We practiced reading words with the -tion spelling pattern.  Then we listed the elements of a play and found examples in the play, Leonardo da Vinci".  HW:  Reread the play with an adult or by yourself.

Orange:  The students identified two elements of a play, using their guided reading group play, "A New Game".  Then we began sharing their examples and discussing whether or not it helps us better understand a character or how we might improve the element in this play.  HW: Reread play and think about how you might improve the play by adding or changing a structural element.

Green: We identified structural elements of a play, using their play, "Natural Wonder".  As we named the elements, we found examples and discussed what information we got about the characters and how we might improve the play.  HW:  Reread play and think about how you might imporve the play by adding or changing a structural element.

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