Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning, prior to the announcements, the students had time to complete a WTW written practice activity.  After the announcements we began our social studies lesson.

Today we reviewed the main elements of a map.  Then the students completed an activity, using the Marine Corps Marathon Map, identifying whether certain elements were present on the map and which one helped them the most.

After that we switched for math and took a Go Noodle brain break.

Next, we began our rotations.

During the small group rotation we focused on representing and solving comparative multiplication problems, because that created a lot of confusion.

During math with a partner, the children continued representing and solving comparative word problems, involving all operations, with Mrs. Byrne.

During the technology rotation, the students watched a Learn Zillion lesson about comparative multiplication word problems involving multiplication and division, and took notes in their math journal.  After that, they used Xtra Math to increase their basic fact fluency.

After math, the children enjoyed lunch and recess.

When they returned to class, we began our literacy block.

First, we reviewed making inferences using the Pixar clip, "For the Birds".  Then the students worked independently while I met with guided reading groups.  Students completed their historical fiction stories and their main idea assignments from last week.  Then they watched a Learn Zillion lesson about inferences, if they didn't do that yesterday.  Next, they practiced making inferences by watching a guided lesson, posted in GC - reading, and then watching another Mike the Camel commercial and making an inference of their own.

Pink:  We reviewed the -oi and -ea vowel patterns.  Then we did a word chain exercise to practice identifying short vowel sounds.  After that we reviewed unknown words they identified from their book.  Finally, we read pages 4 and 5, and then pages, 6 and 7, and shared facts we learned while reading.  HW:  Read pages 8-16 and list unknown words.  Also, practice reading flashcards.

After the pink group met, we had art and then got back to our literacy block.

Orange:  Prior to group, the students were given a Safari Magazine and told to read pages 2 and 3.  In group we attempted to discuss wheelchair sports and the ParaOlympics but it quickly became evident that many had not done the reading.  So, after quickly rereading (or reading) those pages, we had a brief discussion.  HW:  Read pages 4 and 5, and list unknown words.

Green:  Independently the children read pages 2-5 of the article, "Mountain Climbing" in the Safari Magazine.  In group, we discussed mountain climbing.  The together we determined the main idea and wrote up it using specific details fro the text.  HW: Read pages 4-7 and list unknown words.

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