Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thrilling Thursday

This morning, after the announcements, we began our literacy block.  After reviewing the expectations for the realistic fiction story and the organizers, the students shared their ideas for their stories.  Then the children worked on the following tasks while I met with guided reading groups.

First the students completed independent reading groups assignments.  Then they practiced their word work words.  After that they worked on their story map organizer for the realistic fiction book.

Orange:  The children reread chapter 8 and marked places they thought were important, confusing, and/or surprising.  Then, as a group, we discussed the chapter, identified the most important part, and added it to the chart in our RRJ, along with a color to represent it.  We also added the most important events, and colors, to the chart for chapter 4, 5 and 6.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read chapter 9 and list unknown words.

Pink:  Independently the students reread chapter 8, defined the words bragging and pretneding, and wrote about whether they thought Gregory was bragging or pretending in the chapter, using examples from the text to support their thinking.  In group, after defining the words  pretending and bragging, we discussed which Gregory was doing and why.  Then we identified the most important part of the chapter and added it, and a color to represent it, to the chart in out RRJ.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read chapter 9 and list unknown words.

Green:  Independently the students reread chapter 6 and, in their RRJ, described details from the story that proved Little Willy is determined.  In group we reviewed, defined, and practiced their unknown words.  Then we shared examples, from the text, supporting the idea that Little Willy is a determined person.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read chapter 7 and list unknown words.

Blue:  Independently the students reread pages 189-200 and marked places they thought were important, surprising, and/or confusing.  Then, they reread the last paragraph on page 193 and explained what it meant in their RRJ.  In group we shared some of the definitions for their unknown words and then identified what they felt was the most important part of this section.  Finally, we discussed the paragraph on page 193 and the phrase, "you gave it all and you got nothing".  For HOMEWORK the students need to read pages 201-208 and identify a theme on a sticky note.

After our literacy block, the children enjoyed outdoor recess and lunch.

When the students returned to the classroom, we began our math block.  Today we finished the two rotations that we didn't get to yesterday.

During the small group, teacher-led, rotation we used number lines to identify equivalent fractions.

During math with a partner, the students engaged in math discourse as they played Equivalent Fraction Scoot.

During the technology rotation the students watched a Learn Zillion lesson about identifying equivalent fractions using a number line.  They second time they watched they took notes , in their math journal, about the review, common mistake, and the core lesson.

In between the two math rotations the children went to art.

HOMEWORK is on Google Classroom.  There is no math quiz tomorrow.

At the end of the day we quickly identified and described the elements of a map.

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