Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Terrific Tuesday

This morning, after the announcement, we began our literacy block.

While I met with guided reading groups the students began with independent reading group assignments.  Then they finished listening to the 6 realistic fiction books and completing the chart identifying the title, main characters, and a brief summary, for each.  Next they practiced their word work words using look, say, cover, write, check.  Finally, the practiced writing the final set of letters, in cursive, G, S, and L.

Orange:  We began group with the students rereading chapter 1 and marking places, using a sticky note, where Grandpa was fussing a lot.  Next we shared the sections of text that the students marked.  Finally, we used these to help write about what Anna means when she says Grandpa fusses a lot.  The children began this in group and then finished it independently.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read chapter 2 and list unknown words on a sticky.

Pink:  Independently the students reread chapter 1 and, in their RRJ, explained what Anna meant when she said Grandpa fusses a lot, using details from the text to support their answer.  In group we began sharing the student's written answers but it became evident that they struggled with this task.  So, the children reread chapter 1 and marked, with sticky notes, places that showed Grandpa was fussing a lot.  After that, I orally modeled how to answer the question in complete sentences, using some of the text they had marked.  Students had a chance to revise their writing before handing it in.  For HOMEWORK the children need to read chapter 2 and list unknown words on a sticky note.

Green:  Independently the students read chapter 2, listed unknown words on a sticky, and explained, in their RRJ, why James Freebold went to Virginia and left his family behind.  In group we defined the unknown words from their lists and discussed the question they answered in their RRJ.  Next we identified the key events in chapters 1 and 2.  For HOMEWORK the students will red chapters 3 and 4 and list unknown words on a sticky note.

Blue:  Independently the students read chapter 1, listed unknown words on a sticky, and, in their RRJs, explained Digory's nightmares.  In group we reviewed their unknown words and discussed the symbolism and challenges associated with Digory's nightmares.  For HOMEWORK the children need to read chapter 2 and identify and define 3 unknown words.

After our literacy block the students enjoyed indoor recess and lunch.

When they returned to the classroom, we began our math rotations.

During the small group, teacher-led rotation, we used index cards to begin plotting fractions on a number line.  First we labeled halves and then fourths.

During math with a partner, the students completed an interactive notebook task and then played Fraction Bump or the fraction matching game.

Finally, during the technology rotation the students watched two Khan Academy lessons about fractions on a number line.  Then they practiced the skill using a game on the site.

HOMEWORK is posted on Google Classroom.

After our math block we visited Mrs. Allaire in the media center.  She did an introduction lesson for our third marking period inquiry project.  This quarter each student will write a realistic fiction story which will be bound into a book.  They will begin by choosing a state to research.  This will become the setting for their story.

Today they used Pebble Go Next and Culture Grams to explore the states.  We will finish exploring and choose states tomorrow.

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