Friday, February 12, 2016

Fantastic Friday - Valentine's Day Party!

I was out, at a doctor appointment, this morning.  Therefore, today's post will be a very brief synopsis of what the children did.

While I was out, the substitute met with all 4 reading groups.  Each group took a spelling test and then discussed their book.

During that time, the rest of the students used their organizer, and the feedback I provided, to write an opinion paragraph about Irene being brave in the story, Brave Irene.  They also reread a portion of their text and continued researching their state.

After the literacy block, the children enjoyed indoor recess and lunch.

I picked the class up from lunch.

WHne we returned to class the chil;dren shared their homework writing journal entries.  Then we reviewed the correct answers to yesterday's quiz.  Finally, I spent a few minutes reviewing how to plot a mixed number on a number line.

Spelling quizzes and the math formative will come home on Tuesday. I sincerely apologize for the delay.

After math, the students decorate bags to collect valentines, decorated, and ate, cookies, and exchanged valentines.  They had a great time!

Have a wonderful three day weekend!

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