Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thrilling Thursday

Today is the final day before Spring Break!!  There is definitely excitement in the air!  :-)

Students came in and read quietly, exchanged books i the media center, or practiced keyboarding.  After that, we took our math quiz (formative).  The children did quite well!  I was very pleased.  Please note there was not an opportunity to earn an ES on this week's quiz.  There will be one on the next one.

After our quiz we participated in a bus evacuation drill.  Then the students completed a survey that provided information about how they best learn.  The staff will be evaluating these responses and taking them into consideration as we plan our instruction.  How cool is that?  The children get to tell us how they  learn and what gets in the way of their learning.

After the survey we had our first unannounced fire drill.  Then, we finally began our literacy block.

Today students will complete an independent guided reading group assignment, finish any unfinished work, such as the financial plan for $20, or cursive practice papers, and then they will work on becoming experts on a communicable disease and create a way to present the information to the class.

I will be touching base with all reading groups to wrap up the folk tales we read this week.  When we return from Spring Break we will focus on myths.

Following lunch and outdoor recess I met with guided reading groups while the children worked on their independent work.

Panthers:  We shared and discussed the places they marked, in their book, that demonstrated/supported the theme of perseverance.

Tigers: Independently the children reread Prince Cinders and, in their RRJ, identified the problem and solution in the folk tale.  In group we drew a line of learning (actually began a new page) and rewrote the problem and solution together.  Then we analyzed how Prince Cinders reacted to the problem and discussed what the theme of the book might be.

Leopards:  Independently the students reread chapters 3 and 4 and wrote down the events, in their RRJ, from these two chapters.  In group we began reviewing these events but it felt like I was pulling teeth.  :-)  So, we had a discussion about needing to read, and possibly reread, until they could close their books and tell the gist of what happened in the text.  Some students will have to read the assignment once, while others will need to read it more than once.  However, when they get to group they each need to be able to discuss/retell the assigned portion of text.  Then I gave the children time to reread chapter 3.  After that the students told the gist of that chapter.  We repeated this with the last chapter in the book.  Finally we discussed the theme of the book.

Lions:  Independently the students reread Lon Popo and had the chance to revise their RRJ entry identifying the theme of the book and 2 key details to support it.  In group, the students turned in their RRJs and I collected the books.  Then we briefly discussed the theme and key details.

After our literacy block we shared homework writing entries.  Then we did a quick group share to see what everyone is doing over Spring Break.

The students ended their day in art with Mrs. Daniel.

Have a wonderful break!!

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