Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday - Early Dismissal

The children's day began in PE.  When they returned to class, we revisited the poem, "Mummy Slept Late So Daddy Fixed Breakfast".  We looked up the meaning of unknown words to help decipher the figurative language in the text.  This enabled us to make inferences, which we listed on a chart.  We will use these later in the week to determine the theme of the poem.

Next, we reviewed transition words and identified temporal words as those used that indicate a change in time or place.  I modeled adding some, and circling those I had already used, to my storyboard.

This morning, the children will complete their storyboards and add (or circle) temporal words.  They will also correct the "pink words" in their writing and RRJ journals and add these words to their personal dictionaries.

While the children worked independently, I met with one reading groups.

Cheetahs:  We revisited the final chapter in their book and discussed the implication of Ben referring to Gully as his birthday present.  Then the children shared whether or not they liked the book and why.  Finally, we identified the author's message/theme of the book.  We will begin a new text tomorrow.

In math we used cuisenaire rods to further reinforce the relationship between multiplication and division.  You can view the lesson here. The students will be practicing this skill. independently, in class, tomorrow.  We ran out of time today due to the early dismissal.  There is a basic fact worksheet for homework tonight.

After lunch the students packed up for dismissal.

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