Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rainy Tuesday

After going to PE, the children returned to the room and we reviewed the idea that character traits are words that describes how a character behaves or acts.  Then we revisited the play, "The Hidden One" and identified character traits of the Sister and SPECIFIC examples of words and actions, in the play, that prove those traits.

After that, we reviewed yesterday's lesson about exploring Live Binder and choosing a topic and listing tools that they read about in the topic they chose.

While I met with small groups the students chose another character from "The Hidden One" and identified a character trait and evidence of that trait from the play.  They also chose a research topic and listed tools.

Yellow Jackets:  I captured today's reading group lesson using Educreations.  We reviewed what to use in order to determine the main idea in text and then we identified the main idea using the children's homework from last night.  Tonight the students are expected to read pages 22 and 23 and write the heading, the topic sentences and repeated words and phrases, from that section, in their RRJ.

Cheetahs:  We reviewed how to determine the main idea in text.  Feel free to view a similar lesson here.  Then we began to share the children's main idea from homework last night but ran out of time.  We will finish this tomorrow, in group.  For homework the children need to reread the book and identify two things they learned, in their RRJ.

In math we practiced using strategies to solve for unknowns in multiplication and division equations AND explaining our thinking.  Then the students worked in small groups, to solve for an unknown using and explaining a strategy of their choice and capturing it on Educreations.  We shared some of the groups' presentations before going to lunch.  There is a worksheet for homework.

After enjoying lunch and indoor recess, Mrs. Howard returned to do a make up lesson about responsibility and bullying.  The final part of the lesson involved the children making anti-bullying bumper stickers.  Here are some:

After Mrs. Howard left we voted on our star students for November.  These students, AF and LT, demonstrated responsibility during this past month!

We ended the day by finishing the Power Point about the human made wonders of the United States.  You can view it here.

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