Friday, November 16, 2012


The students began their day in music.  After that, we revisited both "Mummy Slept Late so Dad Fixed Breakfast" and "The Myra Song".  We used our comprehension of the poem to identify the themes of both; perseverance and acceptance.

After that we reviewed identifying the subject and the verb in a sentence.  Then we went through a PowerPoint presentation to learn about subject/verb agreement.  In short, we learned that a singular subject matched with a regular verb ending in -s.  A plural subject's verb does not end in -s.  Obviously, there are MANY exceptions, but this is what the basic rule boiled down to...personally, I think it is a good beginning to tackling a tough concept.

While I met with small groups, the students worked on completed their rough drafts, identifying two subject/verb agreements in their writing, and individual reading group assignments.

Sharks:  We met in group to begin reading the next chapter, "A Letter".  We practiced revisiting a past chapter to help us understand what was happening in the current chapter we are reading.  Independently the students finished reading the chapter and drew the beginning, middle and end in their RRJ.

In math we took our first quiz of the second marking period.  The quizzes have been scored and returned to students.  They should be in the math section of your child's binder.

After enjoying lunch and recess the children continued the independent work from above, plus they had a chance to "play" with Google Maps using the iPads and I met with more groups. 

Cheetahs:  Independently they read page 8 and wrote the main idea on a sticky note.  In group we reviewed what we use to determine the main idea; topic sentences, heading, repeated words and phrases and then consider how they all relate/connect.  Then we shared the children's work, discussing what they did well (one student actually got it perfectly!!!) and how they could improve what they had written.

Snakes:  The children read pages 8-11 independently.  Then we met in group to retell all the way up to page 11.  The children really struggled with this.  So we had a talk about what was causing the challenges.  This is a skill we will work on next week.

We ended the day by reviewing natural and human-made physical characteristics.  Then the students used Google Maps to identify 3 examples of both natural and human-made physical characteristics in our community (Damascus).

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