Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome to Third Grade!!!

Yey!!! YOU have found my blog!!!!

I do my best to update this blog you will find the answers to the question, "What did you do at school today?" Surpringly, you will find out the correct answer is NOT, "Nothing!" Additionally, I will include, in my postings, suggestions to help your child at home and the thinking behind why I do the things I do.

One caution--while I do take great pride in my blog and my writing abilities, I do not have the time to carefully edit and revise my posts...I promise there will be MANY typos. Please understand that the benefits of the blog far outweigh the mistakes found within..or at least I hope they do!!

I truly encourage and welcome comments and questions...either leave them on the blog or send them via email to

So on to today....
When your child says that today was boring and Mrs. Holman even said so, believe's true!!! The first few dyas are spent with a lot of teacher talking and student listening...BORING!!!! But it is necessary so that the students can learn the routines and expectations.

So we began today by learning the routines and expectations for arrival.

Then the students went to math. We have three third grade math classes this year. Mr. Vogel will be teaching a fourth grade math class to third graders. Mrs. Papalia and myself will each teach a section of third grade math.

In my math class today, we set up our math warm up journals, completed our first warm up and identified the difference between a digit and a number...digits are symbols used to create numbers.

After that, we returned to homerooms and discussed the importance of maintaining organization in our binders and our desks. Then we set up our binders and organized our desks.

Next, we went to music followed by lunch and recess. When the students return, we will finish oragainzing our binders and desks. After that, we will read a poem about the first day of school. Then the students will complete an interest inventory (answer questions about themselves) so that I can get to know them better. We will end the day by identifying and listing rules for our class community!

No homework this evening...I don't want to scare the children away! :-)

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