Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ELMO arrives

Nope...you don't tickle it or play with it, this ELMO is a projection, camera and video device that will enhance the teaching and learning done in our classroom. You will get to see it in action on Back to School Night! To get more immediate information simply go to this link.
This morning we began to get down to our daily routine. The students came in and began writing in their morning work journal. Today's prompt had them writing about their best summer memory. After attendance and announcements, we discussed the concept of a topic sentence and the students went back to their morning work to create/revise/add a topic sentence.

Next we switched for math. In math the students completed a warm up independently. Then we reviewed and corrected each problem. After that I introduced a place value game that the students played either independently or with a partner...their choice!!

After math, Mrs. Benson taught the students how to pick a "just right" book to suit their needs and reading abilities, while I began my reading assessments.

Following PE, lunch and recess the students will work on a "getting to know you" activity for our hallway bulletin board while I attempt to continue with assessments...unfortunately, Mrs. Benson will no longer be in the room!

We will end the day by identifying and listing rules for our classroom community...we did not get to this yesterday!

There is no homework tonight but we will have homework tomorrow! YEY!

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